Some tech-data about our machines

Not all machines are the same. You may like the design or not, but you should be aware of what technology they are made of, to choose correctly.

Thermal printer

These machine may have a printer to print a ticket with measured data and some other useful information. What is important is that the printer should never jam. In order to obtain this feature, it is fundamental that customers cannot touch the ticket before it is cut. The only way to do so is to have a place where the cut paper falls an customer can touch it only from there. All our machines are designed in this way.

Coins, Banknotes, Credit cards

Our machines can operate in any way. The standard is coin-op, but, on requesto, we can make them for operation with banknotes or with credit cards.

Ultrasonic height meter

Our machines use a single point ultrasonic transceiver as this is the best way to ensure an accurate measurement of people height.

Load Cell

Our weighing-machines use a robust load cell that can measure up to 200 Kg. They can be used continuously to weigh heavy persons without any problem.