Professional blood pressure monitors AutoPress

The AutoPress blood pressure monitors are reliable machines that share the same oscillometric technology to measure arterial pressure and heart-beat. All of them print a ticket with measured data that can be customized with shop name or logo. Please find details below.

Blood Pressure Monitor type TM2657P
TM2657P is a blood pressure meter, small in size and with a very professional look, it has an automatic cuff for self-measurement. It is the ideal choice for those who want to offer a quality service with a reasonable cost.
  • Inflates up to the optimum pressure
  • Measures Systolic, diastolic, pulses.
  • Prints ticket with measured values.
  • Microprocessor controlled air valve with digital / analog converter
  • Bright displays
  • Extreme ease of use and high speed measurement

Blood pressure monitor model ATP-XB

ATP-XB is a fully automatic blood pressure meter, with auto wrapping cuff, blue graphic display, electronic coin acceptor, printer with cutter. It is the ideal product for those who want to offer a quality service, without necessarily having to intervene during the measurement.

  • Inflates up to the optimum pressure
  • Measurement Systolic, diastolic, pulse and MAP (MAP can be disabled)
  • Prints ticket with measured values and cuts it automatically
  • Constant air descent microprocessor controlled
  • Header of the ticket can be programmed with the name of the location
  • Graphic display 240x128 pixels
  • Extremely simple to use
  • High speed measurement
  • Auto wrapping cuff
  • Electronic coin acceptor
  • Device with double insulation. It does not require connection to protective earth.
  • It is a professional device manufactured and approved in Italy, which can be calibrated periodically, as required.